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The Muraca Group is a trusted real estate agency based in Hamilton, Ontario. They’re known for their team of experienced experts who offer comprehensive support, including in-house marketing and access to various services to create a stress-free experience for clients. They take a customized approach, aiming to exceed expectations and build strong, transparent relationships with clients based on trust and honesty. 


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The Challenge

Before enlisting the services of SocialSquared, the Muraca Group had encountered several common challenges with their social media presence. Maintaining a consistent brand image and message across various platforms, producing high-quality content regularly, and engaging their audience effectively could have posed difficulties. Like many busy professionals, they may have lacked the time and expertise to navigate the nuances of social media algorithms and trends. 

Additionally, optimizing their advertising budget and tracking the performance of their campaigns might have presented challenges. These issues often hinder real estate agencies’ efforts to expand their online presence and engage with their target audience effectively. Seeking professional assistance, as they did with SocialSquared, was a strategic move to overcome these obstacles and ultimately enhance their brand reach and audience growth.

What did
SocialSquared Do?

As SocialSquared, our first step in assisting the Muraca Group was to conduct a thorough social media audit. We then devised a tailored strategy, focusing on creating engaging photos and videos, implementing targeted advertising, and fostering community engagement. By providing regular analytics reports, we empowered the Muraca Group to track their progress and refine their strategy. Our efforts aimed to elevate their social media presence, driving brand expansion and audience growth.

With our strategic approach, we successfully elevated the Muraca Group’s social media presence. Our engaging content attracted more followers and generated increased audience interactions. Through targeted advertising, we expanded their reach to potential clients both locally and beyond. By actively engaging with their community and promptly responding to inquiries, we fostered a more personal and interactive online image for the Muraca Group. Regular analytics reports allowed us to fine-tune our strategies, ensuring optimal performance. As a result, the Muraca Group’s social media presence became a potent tool for brand expansion and audience growth, ultimately enhancing their overall online success.

Why Did They Choose SocialSquared?

Peter, the owner of the Muraca Group, chose us at SocialSquared because he recognized our expertise and proven track record in the real estate industry. We demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by real estate agencies in the digital landscape. Our comprehensive audit and tailored strategy resonated with his goals of expanding the Muraca Group’s online presence and growing their audience.

Peter was particularly impressed with our commitment to creating captivating content, which he believed would help showcase their property listings and team effectively. Our proficiency in targeted advertising, designed to reach potential clients in their local area and beyond, aligned perfectly with his vision for business growth.


Clients choose SocialSquared for social media management due to our expertise in navigating the ever-evolving social landscape. Our team understands the nuances of each platform, enabling us to develop tailored strategies that drive engagement and results.


SocialSquared excels at fostering meaningful interactions between clients and their audiences. We prioritize engagement, responding to comments, messages, and feedback promptly, building stronger brand-consumer relationships.


Clients rely on SocialSquared for data-driven decision-making. We provide comprehensive analytics and insights, allowing clients to track the performance of their social media campaigns and make informed adjustments for continuous improvement.

The Results

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