Elevating a Community Voice: The Brand Refresh of Barrie Uncovered

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In a strategic move that transcends traditional branding efforts, SocialSquared Digital Marketing not only revitalized the Barrie Uncovered brand but also took the helm as its new owner. This case study explores the transformative journey of Barrie Uncovered, from a beloved local media entity to a rejuvenated brand, through a comprehensive refresh that spanned its logo, social media presence, and website.

The Challenge

Barrie Uncovered, known for its in-depth coverage of local businesses, events, and news in Barrie, faced a pivotal moment. The brand was recognized and respected within the community but needed a modern refresh to amplify its voice and extend its reach. The challenge was not just to update the visual elements but to rejuvenate the brand in a way that stayed true to its roots while appealing to a broader audience. The goal was to enhance its presence and impact in the digital era, making Barrie Uncovered not only a source of local news but a dynamic, engaging community hub.

What did
SocialSquared Do?

Recognizing the unique position and potential of Barrie Uncovered, SocialSquared embarked on a brand refresh that was both comprehensive and nuanced. The refresh started with a modernization of the logo, introducing a design that was both fresh and familiar, appealing to existing followers while attracting new ones. Social media strategies were overhauled to engage the community more deeply, using a mix of compelling visuals, local insights, and interactive content to foster a stronger connection with the audience. The website received a significant upgrade, improving navigation, aesthetics, and content accessibility, making it a more inviting and informative platform for community engagement. This brand refresh was not just about aesthetics but about enhancing the functionality and reach of Barrie Uncovered, ensuring it remained a pivotal resource for the local community.

Why Did They Choose SocialSquared?

The decision for SocialSquared to take ownership of Barrie Uncovered was driven by a shared vision for the future of local media and community engagement. This unique position allowed SocialSquared to approach the brand refresh with a deep understanding of Barrie Uncovered’s mission and the community it serves. SocialSquared’s expertise in branding, combined with its commitment to fostering local connections, made it the ideal entity to lead Barrie Uncovered into its next chapter. The ownership transition was a strategic move, ensuring that the refreshed brand was not only visually appealing but also aligned with a deeper commitment to enriching the local community. SocialSquared’s holistic approach to the refresh, considering both the brand’s legacy and future potential, was instrumental in redefining Barrie Uncovered’s role as a central voice in Barrie’s vibrant local scene.


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The Results

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