Elevating Midhurst Granite: Marketing Collateral Design Case Study

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Midhurst Granite, a locally owned and operated business, specializes in high-quality Canadian granite products. They offer superior hardscape materials and granite signage, all 100% sourced and manufactured in Canada.

Marketing Collateral Design

At SocialSquared, we undertook the professional design of marketing collateral for Midhurst Granite with a clear objective in mind: to elevate their brand image and enhance the overall appeal of their offerings. We meticulously crafted a product catalog, infusing it with our expertly captured product photos, to provide potential customers with a visually engaging and informative resource. Additionally, we designed visually striking quote templates to accompany their quotations, adding a touch of professionalism and elegance to their communications. To complete the package, we created premium business cards that not only reflected the quality of Midhurst Granite’s products. Our focus was to provide Midhurst Granite with the marketing collateral necessary to stand out in their industry, effectively communicate their excellence, and make a lasting impact on their customers.

Why Did They Choose SocialSquared?

Midhurst Granite chose us because of our reputation for delivering professional and visually appealing marketing collateral. They recognized our ability to showcase the quality of their products through expertly captured photos and captivating design. Moreover, they valued our commitment to enhancing their brand’s image and the overall appeal of their quotations and business communications. Our reputation for providing tailored design solutions and our dedication to helping them make a memorable impression on their clients and stakeholders solidified their decision to partner with us.


Clients choose SocialSquared for brand design and development because of our unmatched creativity. We have a proven track record of crafting unique, visually appealing, and memorable brand identities that stand out in the market.


SocialSquared employs a strategic approach to brand development, focusing on understanding client objectives and target audiences. We create brand strategies that not only look great but also resonate with consumers, driving brand loyalty and growth.


Clients value SocialSquared’s ability to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints. We ensure that the brand we design remains cohesive and aligned with the client’s values and messaging, reinforcing a strong brand identity.

Latest Tools to Design for Midhurst Granite

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