Creating a Lead Generating Powerhouse For Bath Crafters

about Bath Crafters

Bath Crafters is dedicated to transforming bathrooms into luxurious spaces without the hefty price tag. Serving homeowners with modest to mid-level budgets, they specialize in complete bathroom remodeling solutions, including tub and shower combinations, tub-to-shower conversions, and full renovations.

The Challenge

Bath Crafters, a bathroom renovation company dedicated to serving homeowners with modest to mid-level budgets, faced the challenge of having no website. Their previous online presence failed to attract and convert potential clients, resulting in lost opportunities and limited growth. They needed a streamlined and modern website that not only showcased their expert craftsmanship and high-end appointments but also effectively generated leads. 

The goal was to create a user-friendly experience that emphasized their complete bathroom remodeling solutions, including tub and shower combinations, tub to shower conversions, and full renovations.

What did
SocialSquared Do?

SocialSquared undertook a comprehensive website design of Bath Crafters’ website, focusing on creating a fast, efficient, and visually appealing platform. We implemented a clean, modern design that highlighted their core services and showcased their work through high-quality images and detailed descriptions. To enhance lead generation, we integrated clear call-to-action buttons and contact forms throughout the site, making it simple for potential clients to reach out. 

Additionally, we optimized the site for speed and mobile responsiveness, ensuring an excellent user experience on all devices. Our team also employed SEO best practices to improve search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to the site.


Why Did They Choose SocialSquared?

Bath Crafters selected SocialSquared due to our proven track record in delivering high-performing, lead-generating websites. They were impressed by our strategic approach to website design, which focused on simplicity and efficiency, aligning perfectly with their business goals. Our ability to create a visually appealing yet functional site that emphasized their luxury-for-less offerings resonated with their vision. Furthermore, Bath Crafters valued our commitment to timely delivery and our expertise in crafting websites tailored to budget-conscious homeowners. The combination of our technical skills, design aesthetics, and dedication to client satisfaction made SocialSquared the ideal partner for their digital transformation.


Clients choose SocialSquared for website design and development due to our team’s extensive expertise. We possess a deep understanding of the latest design trends, development technologies, and user experience principles, ensuring a top-notch, professional website.


SocialSquared offers a high degree of customization, tailoring websites to match each client’s unique brand identity and business objectives. We prioritize a client-centric approach, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with their vision.


Clients rely on SocialSquared for websites that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well. We optimize websites for speed, responsiveness, and SEO, providing a strong foundation for online success and user satisfaction.

The Results

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