Things to Look for in a Web Design Agency

Things to Look for in a Web Design Agency

1. Outsourced

When looking for a web design agency to hire for your upcoming project, a massive aspect to look out for is, Are they outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a common thing in the digital world, this is where an agency says they’ll work on your project closely, but they will outsource the project to someone else, typically from a platform like Fiverr. Where they essentially pay a low cost for a person around the world to make a website for you. Outsourcing typically leads to poor execution of work and not at all the product you initially wanted.

A clear sign a web design agency outsources their services to someone else is from the lack of accountability. Meaning, you as the client will never get proper updates, know who exactly is working on the projects, it will essentially be a game of broken telephone between you, the account manager, and the outsource designer.

The process should be simple and friendly. This is exactly what its like to work with SocialSquared. There is an initial discovery call to find out the exact needs of your business and website, the web designer and the account manager will then get on a call with you as the client and make you feel safe knowing everyone is on the same page. Any changes you need can be made instantly and there are never any discrepancies in this process.

2. Branding

Branding is a key element to your business, as it shows the world what your business is without you having to say award. It is what makes your business stand out in a crowd and represents how unique it is. This being said, when looking to hire a web design agency this must be one of their key objectives, keeping your website branded.

Branding is an aspect in web design that many large corporations just seem to miss, and this could be for a multitude of reasons which could include,

  • Outsourcing
  • Cookie Cutter formula
  • Skipping Steps
  • Lack of care

Whatever the case may be, when your business is looking to get a web design, it is crucial to ask the question “Is my brand going to be reflected on this website” and if that web design agency says “what’s your brand”, that is the first red flag. It may mean they haven’t gotten a chance to search it up yet and do research, but any good web design agency, before starting your project will ensure they know your brand inside and out before making a web design for your company.

3. Quality Content

One of the most crucial things to look at when looking at a web design agency is the high-quality content. This means, do they have high-quality content on their own website? Do their case studies have high-quality content? These are crucial questions to ask yourself. This is because if the web design agency does not appear to have any high-quality content associated with their name or any past work, it will most likely mean that you can expect the same.

A web design agency that has high-quality content displayed is something important to look for as this means it will most likely translate to your web design, even if your current content is not high quality. An agency like SocialSaured digital marketing will make content for your business to make sure that you will never lose the high-quality standards. 

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