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OCD North’s Digital Transformation: Making Mental Health Click

Merrisa Little founded OCD North to address gaps in the mental health care system. OCD affects 1-3% of the population, but very few mental health professionals in Canada specialize in the disorder. Clients have difficulty finding OCD experts and many mental health clinicians have a difficult time implementing ERP protocol.

✔︎ Mobile Responsive
✔︎ Appointment Scheduling

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Enhancing Edica Naturals: Transformative Product Photography

Edica Naturals is a reputable brand known for its exceptional natural skincare products, offering a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. Their commitment to using pure ingredients and eco-friendly practices has earned them a loyal following of health-conscious consumers seeking high-quality, earth-friendly solutions for their skincare needs.

✔︎ Product Photography
✔︎ Photo Editing
✔︎ Aerial

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Brewing Success: Crafting Second Suns Identity

Second Sun is an emerging craft beer company with an exciting vision for the future.With a commitment to crafting exceptional brews, Second Sun aims to make a significant mark in the world of craft beer, offering a unique and exceptional drinking experience once their beer hits the market.

✔︎ Logo Development
✔︎ Product Packaging Design

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