Case Study

Social Media Management

Meet OCD North

OCD North is creating a community that values inclusivity and strives to empower and motivate others in a safe environment where individuals and families can feel supported, understood, and hopeful about overcoming OCD.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create marketing materials and social media content that matched the new, modern website design for OCD North. This involved creating a cohesive look and feel across all of the materials, while still accurately representing OCD North.

What Did We Do?

Our team created a comprehensive marketing campaign that consisted of engaging social media content and print materials. The social media content features powerful stories from individuals who have been impacted by OCD, as well as photos and videos of the work being done by OCD North as well as educational content to spread awareness. The print materials include business cards, email signatures, pamphlets, and banners.

Social Media Content Design.

We designed content for OCD North for use on social media.