Case Study

Captivating Graphic Design & Branding

Meet Midhurst Granite

Midhurst Granite is your local supplier of Canadian granite. Their granite is sourced straight from the Canadian Shield. Domestic granite means no need to replace cracked, faded, worn, and weathered hardscaping materials.

The Challenge

The challenge was that midhurst didn't have any marketing materials designed in the past. This means that they needed someone to come in and design new marketing materials that accurately reflect the company and its brand.

What Did We Do?

We helped design all of Midhurst Granites marketing materials, including banners, social media content, catalogs and more. By creating visually appealing and on-brand materials, we helped increase the visibility and reach of Midhurst Granites products.

Marketing Materials Design.

We designed a few marketing materials for Midhurst Granite that included business cards, social media content and other marketing materials.