Case Study

Modern User Friendly
Website Design

Meet Meraki

Reinventing design, and living spaces. Taking a modern approach with timeless style. Meraki Design & Co produces timeless designs, created and tailored for each individual. Every space designed will always be authentic & custom, reflecting our client's vision.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges that Meraki faced was that they didn't have a website to generate leads for their business or display any of their past work. This made it difficult for potential customers to learn more about the company and what they could offer.

The Project Goals

The goal was to make their new website easy to navigate so that all types of visitors would be able to find their portfolio, services, and relevant information quickly and easily.

Mobile Responsiveness
Most traffic was coming from instagram so it was important that their website was fast and easy to use on mobile devices.
Modern Design
Meraki wanted a website that showcased their work in the most modern and unique format, while still being easy to navigate.
Conversion Rate Optimization
It was extremely important that their website was built to convert browsers not only into leads but into paying customers.

The Results

We provided a beautiful, modern, and easy to navigate website that is built to generate leads and showcase their work.