Case Study

Social Media Management

Meet the Family

One of cape breton, nova scotia’s most important exports and a superstar in the celtic music world (though she’s far too humble to admit it), fiddler and step-dancer natalie macmaster has built a sterling, multi-decade career on electrifying playing and must-see live performances.

The Challenge

The challenge was that The MacMaster Family simply didn't have the time or expertise to manage their own social media to the degree and level of quality that we could. We took the stress off their backs by managing their content creation and schedule.

What Did We Do?

We are the MacMaster family's social media managers. We manage their entire content schedule and curate content that captivates their audience. We also worked to ensure that their content was seen by the right people by using our expertise in social media curation.

Professionally Curated Content.

We have a professional creative team that produces top notch content for all of our clients including the MacMaster Family.

Professionally Curated Videos.


The Results

We saw, and continue to see impressive numbers as a result of our social media management efforts for the MacMasters.